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Holiday in Suriname

General rental conditions Villanoord

Reservation and Cancellation

An application for reservation of a holiday home is made via the internet. Receipt is confirmed with a request for down payment. The deposit must be paid within a week. After receipt of the down payment, the reservation becomes final. If you decide to cancel, for whatever reason, you owe us compensation. This amounts to cancellation up to: 3 months before arrival date: 25% of the total rent; 2 months before arrival date: 50% of the total rent; 1 month before arrival date: 75% of the total rent; within 1 month before arrival date: 100% of the total rent


The rent (excluding deposit and final cleaning costs) is paid via the bank. A deposit of 30% must be made within one week upon booking. The full rent must be paid no later than six weeks before arrival. For bookings within six weeks before arrival, the full rent must be paid at once. In the event of - after the 1st reminder - failure to comply with the payment obligation, the reservation will be canceled without obligation to repay an already paid down payment. Departure earlier than planned - regardless of reason or cause - will not lead to a refund of paid rent and cleaning costs.


The tenant must let the manager / landlord know what time you will arrive in advance.

Security Deposit

The tenant pays the deposit and the final cleaning costs in cash on arrival. After the rental period, any damage or other shortcomings caused by the tenant will be deducted from the amount of the deposit. As soon as we have established that the rented property has been left complete, undamaged and clean, the deposit will be returned. The expected time of departure must be communicated by the tenant in good time to the manager who inspects the house together with the tenant. The holiday home will be delivered neat and “broom clean” by the tenant after the stay. Crockery and accessories are cleanly returned to the cupboards. Damage, defects or missing items must be reported immediately by the tenant to the manager.


The tenant remains legally liable for damage he has caused, even if this damage is established after the stay has ended. The tenant is legally liable for his (non) actions as well as the actions of his co-tenants and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause. The tenant must be insured against legal liability. The landlord cannot be held liable for theft, accidents or damage that occurred during the stay in the home. The tenant is jointly and severally liable for all loss and / or damage to the holiday home, the garden and the furnishings (inside and outside) thereof, and / or property of the house, if this is the result of acts or negligence of the tenant or of third parties who are in and around the house with the consent of the tenant.

Number of persons

The number of people who are allowed to spend the night in a holiday home may not be exceeded under any circumstances. If it is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered legally dissolved and access to the house will be denied or refused without refund or compensation.

Swimming pool

The use of the swimming pool is at your own risk and only permitted by persons lawfully residing on the complex. The use of alcohol and / or other narcotics is not allowed in the swimming pool. Glass objects are not allowed. Children without a swimming certificate must be accompanied by an adult.

Smoking / parties / pets

Smoking indoors is not allowed. Pets are not allowed. Parties / large gatherings are also not allowed.

Arrival and departure times

The arrival time is from 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Departure is no later than 11:00 am. The tenant must strictly adhere to these times unless otherwise agreed and recorded in advance. If the tenant nevertheless exceeds the departure time, a subsequent rental period may be charged and all resulting costs and any claims from subsequent tenants are for the account of the exceeding tenant.

Responsibilities and Obligations

In connection with the smooth running of the stay, the tenant is obliged to observe the house rules and any instructions from the manager. The tenant undertakes to respect the rented house including its contents and its surroundings, including the noise level in the area. The tenant is obliged to provide access to the house or garden for necessary repairs and garden maintenance. The tenant must return existing household equipment clean and empty upon departure. In case of non-payment this can be charged.

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